Royal Enfield Custom World

Royal Enfield makes the most custom friendly motorcycles in the world. After that, its up to you to take them to the next level. These are your dreams in metal - imagination and craft from around the world. The best of the best, hand-picked for your enjoyment. Welcome to the home of the wild and creative, the wonderful and the weird. Welcome to the Royal Enfield Custom World.

'Rohini' by Young Guns Speed Shop
Base Model - Continental GT 650

Young Guns has developed a concept based on their view of Royal Enfield - studying the brands existing image and using that as a jumping off point for boosting it to the next level. They are strongly focused on making a build that would add a youthful sexiness to the British nostalgia that is already strong in the base model. It was important to maintain as much of the stock machine as possible - even to reference the stock paint job - and then add a super slim and curvaceous fairing and monocoque seat/tail unit. While the concept is pure cafe racer - referencing them iconic Rickman's fairings - the build hides a surprise: at night, a layer of reflective paint transforms the classic lines into a riot of Razzle Dazzle light, blurring the lines between the beautifully retro and the wildly modern.

'Interceptor' by Old Empire Motorcycles
Base Model - Interceptor 650

Old Empire has stripped an Interceptor 650 to its core - getting rid of everything that wasn't completely necessary and hiding the rest. A deep metallic red paint job matched to an Oxblood leather and Alcantara seat elegantly introduces you to a motorcycle that balances refined luxury with irreverent character. The lowered stance and blacked motor hint at an aggression hiding under the refined exterior while cleverly integrated bars exemplify the old school customization ethos of removing anything that's not strictly necessary, hiding all of the wires and cables with internalized controls. Similarly hidden, in a nod to modern technology, is the key - no longer the stock lock barrel type, but a keyless ignition integrated into matching riding gloves. Another example of timeless style blending seamlessly with the modern world.

'Lock Stock' by the Royal Enfield team
Base Model - Continental GT 650

Royal Enfield is celebrating the re-introduction of its Twin motorcycles with a factory built speed machine showcasing the potential and capability of the all new 650 Twin motor - set up for sprint racing in the European custom sprint events. Named "Lock Stock" - the first Royal Enfield in many years to genuinely have "two smoking barrels" - it has been designed as a fun side project by our in house team of designers and engineers - a "what if...?" exploration into the extreme possibilities of the new platform.

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The bespoke brazed steel drag racing frame has been made in partnership with legendary chassis masters Harris Performance, blending old school beauty with performance capability and applying Harris' skills to a completely new form of racing for them. To understand what was really possible with the 650 motor, we went to the renowned experts in this area - S&S Cycles in the US, who have applied their years of engine building experience to take the base motor to the next level...with nitrous injection added just because. A "Dazzle Camo" paint job pokes fun at the tradition of motorcycle manufacturers camouflaging their prototypes and this and the physical design has all been done in house, with the minimalist carbon fiber body work and leather all being handled by the passionate volunteers on the Royal Enfield team - leveraging their individual passions to create a whole different level of what a Royal Enfield can be.

'The Surf Racer' by Sinroja Motorcycles
Base Model - Continental GT 535

The Surf Racer strips down the Royal Enfield Continental GT to create a super light retro café racer. At the heart of the Surf Rider lies the original 535cc single motor. The stylish and bold graphics exude an artistic touch to the motorcycle, celebrating racing heritage, all backed with premium materials and high level of attention to detail.

'The Gentleman Brat' by Sinroja Motorcycles
Base Model - Himalayan

Royal Enfield motorcycles are about fun as much as they are about performance. And why should customized motorcycles be any different? The Gentleman Brat is a stripped down and tight albeit powerful machine that is a treat to ride. The Gentleman Brat’s upgraded suspension provides added possibilities of fun while riding.

Mo 'Powa' by the Royal Enfield Team
Base Model - Classic 500

Don’t go by the playful name, Mo’ Powa’ is a rendition of the Royal Enfield Classic 500 & is a take on a dragster-meets-Mad Max motorcycle. Without losing much of traditional form, this motorcycle features a lowered stance and a mean disposition.

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We stretched the wheel base and lowered the stance using a stretched Continental GT swing arm and lowered forks with a stiffer spring. The standard handlebars had to only be flattened to give a more committed drag-race ready stance to the motorcycle. Other key modifications include K-Tech rear shocks, mounted outboard as the originals, but longer with lower mounts that dropped below the swingarm. This allowed us to have more travel keeping in mind true dragster ethos.

The most exciting part, of course, was to add the ruthless touch of a Mad Max with a turbo charger. We switched the EFI out for a carburetor, removed the air-box, fuel gauge gave way to a boost gauge, replaced the traditional key with an impressive, military-styled switch and added a Air-Fuel meter for some crazyness in the instrument cluster.

The front wheel has been retained as is while the rear is a new Excel Rim considerably larger than stock and fitting for the drag strip. Stock tires were replaced by Continental TKC70 knobbies to add more off-road capability to the build. The seat pan is a modified stock steal base that has been re-shaped and covered in deer skin with racing foam accents. This is a motorcycle that can be pushed to the limits on the track but will be equally appreciated for its elegance off it.

The stunnig, custom-built exhaust has been fabricated by hand at Harris Performance. The radii of the exhaust were too tight to bend as a whole so the pipe had to be constructed out of many small sections of tubing. The end result? Something commonly seen only on a professional MotoGP motorcycle.

'Dirty Duck' by the Royal Enfield Team
Base Model - Continental GT 535

To be perfectly clear about out off-road capabilities of the motorcycle, Continental TKC80 tires - the biggest and blockiest we could find – replaced the stock tires on the original rims. We added an aluminum sump-guard to protect the motor and frame from any damage and increase the overall durability. The frame has been shortened at the rear to accommodate a luggage rack to carry the stuff you need to survive.

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The custom, hand made seat has been wrapped in oiled leather which will only get more attractive as it ages. The fuel tank has been naturally rusted to tell a tale of its long life of surviving adventures and at the same time, make it obvious that one should not feel bad about dropping or hesitate from pushing the Dirty Duck to its absolute limits.

The snorkel is without a doubt the highlight of this motorcycle which has been hand crafted by the extraordinary craftsmen at Harris Performance. Additionally, the air box has been modified to allow the passage of the straight-through exhaust. And by straight-through, we mean no baffles of any kind resulting in a motorcycle that sounds several times more than its capacity.

At the front end, the headlamp and instrument cluster were redesigned to be more durable and purposeful. Hand crafted to house two stacked projector lamps, number plate and a small, digital meter to replace the bulkier stock units, the new design also adds a GoPro camera to record all the fun you will have on the motorcycle.

Coming Soon:

  • 2 New 650 Twin Builds

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