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Engine shuts off at low rpm
I have Continental gt 535cc. So I has a problem with my vehicle. My bike use to shuts off at low rpm. I had battery problem but now I replaced it I cleaned my bikes injector I have done servicing of it but still it shuts off at low rpm. It is constant runs when engine is idl. But at running when I reduce my rpm it shuts off.
Posted On: Thursday, 05 Apr, 2018Posted By: Vignesh Ezhava
Lone Ranger -desert Strom 500
Travelled all cities of rajasthan from Kanpur on solo trip, bea cause Enfieldians can do anything
Posted On: Thursday, 05 Apr, 2018Posted By: Vikas Singh Chauhan
UCE bullet Standard 350 gearbox
Does Uce standard 350 needs separate oil filling?? If yes.. than how much have to fill and after how many kilometres???
Posted On: Wednesday, 04 Apr, 2018Posted By: Eric Teji
I have ordered my bike I am eagerly waiting for it
Posted On: Wednesday, 04 Apr, 2018Posted By: Shaik Zikriya
Sir, I took ma bullet from st marys motors kochi after a few days the engine make a tap tap sound very badly and after 50 km ma bike starts to shivering in every ride first of all i complaint it in Veliyath motors on first service and theycouldnt find the complaint. The second time. I gave it st marys motors kochin and they also cant rectify it .also give a bad advise to ad 2t oil in petrol tank. Now am too much desperated and given the vehicle to Veliyath Motors Muvattu puzha yesterday for th...
Posted On: Wednesday, 04 Apr, 2018Posted By: Ajay Viswam
Rear tire of bullet 350
Hello fellows.I just want to know,Changing rim and tyre of standard 350 to classic 350 would affect engines,chai n or something like that??
Posted On: Tuesday, 03 Apr, 2018Posted By: Thaslima Razak
Can we install slipper clutch...in RE CLASSIC 500 DESERT STROME?
Posted On: Sunday, 01 Apr, 2018Posted By: Bikram Sahoo
Life risk with Royal Enfield Classic 350
Yesterday evening returning from office suddenly the suspenser stack got broken and myself fallen on road along with the bike. I have purchased the bike from Bike Zone Rajarhat on 1st March 2016 and suffering from then with the alloy wheels as fitted from the showroom. Every 3months I have to change the bearings for that matter. The behaviour of the showroom personnel are so bad I was bound to service it from outside the authorized service centre just because I need the vehicle everyday. This i...
Posted On: Saturday, 31 Mar, 2018Posted By: Tanmoy Bose
I Love Royal EnField bullet
Sir, Please launch your bike in our country. Pakistani peoples like Royal Enfield and want to get..
Posted On: Friday, 30 Mar, 2018Posted By: Qasim Altaf Warraich
Don't buy thunderbird
Hi everyone, Being a unsatisfied customer, i just want to make aware you people regarding my thunderbird 350, i really feel so pathetic by purchasing this bike, i have been using this bike from last 10 months and more over i have visited the service centre approx 30-40 times due to continuously arising problems, well let me provide you the list of problems what i have faced with this bike:- 1. Rear shocker crome defects from first month ( which resolved after 2 months) 2. Meter console moistu...
Posted On: Thursday, 29 Mar, 2018Posted By: Jamal Uddin