Every trip has a few experiences that have been etched in your memory and can never be forgotten. Stories about with the stranger that you met on the highway, the person that helped you during your trip etc. Share with us, TRIP stories that have made you the person, you now are.

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Missing issue
My classic 350 engine having missing problems ?? from the first i am upset after bought it.
Posted On: Monday, 12 Feb, 2018Posted By: Krishan Somawat
Want to change colour of classic 350 after booking
I booked a royal Enfield classic 350 silver color today only and I wanted to change color. Am I able to do this. Please guide.
Posted On: Monday, 12 Feb, 2018Posted By: Dinesh Satam
Tb 350 rear disc jam
I just went for a trip, nearly a month ago..it was a 230 KM Trip..the route was steep heights and slopes..when i got down the last slope my rear dosc becam very tight ..it was very annoying to ride my bike..i just met a service centre (was official ,but now not) to resolve this problem ..he suggested to change the brake shoe..and i told him to do it.. but after 3-4 days the same problem persisted..and till now it’s continuing.. a guy told me to avoid keeping my legs constantly on rear break ...
Posted On: Sunday, 11 Feb, 2018Posted By: MOHAMED ISMAIL
Best mechanic in bangalore,full satisfaction
Got my bike serviced with a freelancer Bullet mechanic in bangalore,cost wise very economical compared to authorised service station, best results to issues, Pros: fixes issues with deep route checking, low cost of labour, he is comfortable with our presence during servicing Cons: we need to bring spares from enfield stores, he will not work after 5:30pm I recommend this old mechanic ,I don’t have his no,his shop is in Devarachikkanahalli,WhatsApp me for details 9731194781,
Posted On: Saturday, 10 Feb, 2018Posted By: chiranjeevi swaroop
Electric start issue,fixed just for Rs90,thunderbird TBTS 2011 model
My bike had electric start issue since long time, mechanics in showrooms had diff opinions at different places,some ask to change wiring kit, some told to change battery, some for alternator, I took bike to a freelancer Bullet mechanic, he found out issue with switch at clutch release,he fixed it for Rs95 ,wonderful work,
Posted On: Saturday, 10 Feb, 2018Posted By: chiranjeevi swaroop
Hey friends..im going to buy classic 350 redditch red..just want to know about its mileage..im expecting mileage around 40+. Will it give me 40+ mileage or the performance is bad
Posted On: Saturday, 10 Feb, 2018Posted By: Kartik Pillai
Chain lube ..
which chain lube is preferable for Classic 350 bs4... ?
Posted On: Monday, 05 Feb, 2018Posted By: Akbar Ali
Beast forever
Riding since 2011 ... not a single complaint about my RE 350 classic ... awesome performance... and first kick start ??
Posted On: Monday, 05 Feb, 2018Posted By: akhilesh kaul
Worst ..... Mileage of my classic 350
I dont know why but my bike is giving me a very serious milage ..... It gives 50km for 6 litre .......what the hellll..... People reading this please suggest me ways to repair it .......my email is shreybarthwal@gmail.com
Posted On: Friday, 02 Feb, 2018Posted By: Shrey Barthwal
Trip to Pondicherry
Morning 8.30am I had started my trip from Chennai to pondicherry on 28 Jan 17, I drove my gun metal clocked at range of 65-70 kmph. I got accurate mileage of 55 kmpl, I just can't believe this. . In Ecr no clutch pulled, very few brakes. No top throttle happened at any time. At 3pm am returning to Chennai in NH-45 highway. I clocked in range of 90-100kmph I jus got only 39kmpl. In clock of 90kmph I can't see any vibration. In 100kmph I feel little vibration in my palm and it hurts. If ...
Posted On: Monday, 29 Jan, 2018Posted By: IMRAN KHAN