Every trip has a few experiences that have been etched in your memory and can never be forgotten. Stories about with the stranger that you met on the highway, the person that helped you during your trip etc. Share with us, TRIP stories that have made you the person, you now are.

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Posted On: Monday, 07 Jan, 2013Posted By: SG G P
On Thunderbird to Khardung La
July 2010 - The climate in Khardung La in Ladakh is mostly, winter leaving or winter approaching throughout the year. However in the city of Leh just an hour's drive away, the month of august gives the liberty to roam around in T-shirts. Just 20 days after marriage and with less than 40 days more left for my tenure in Leh, wanted to make the most of my first posting and make the short stay of my wife memorable, so planned for a bike ride to Khardung La with colleagues. Went for hired bikes and m...
Posted On: Friday, 04 Jan, 2013Posted By: Arun Annamalai
The Maiden Trip – Evil Twins to Visit Ashtavinayak
Riders 1.       Amit Podutwar (Bull Owner, Pro Biker) 2.       Love Bhavasar (Pillion, Pro Biker) 3.       Avinash Ganacharya (Pillion, Novice Biker) 4.       Shashank Gidh (Bull Owner, Pro Biker)   Finding it quite difficult to write the 1st blog for the maiden trip. Don’t know from where to check and how to start the blog, somehow finally t...
Posted On: Thursday, 03 Jan, 2013Posted By: Love Bhawsar
Pillion rider suspension
I have purchased Thunderbird 500 last month, recently had been on long trip . During the trip found pillion rider shock absorber very very weak. Becuase of that statred back pain problem during the trip.Also want safty guard (additional accessory) but always dealer said still it is not manufactured.Could you look into this and co-operate for the same.
Posted On: Thursday, 03 Jan, 2013Posted By: Khimji patel
You never forget your first time
To live a full life, you must do one thing every day that terrifies you." - Eleanor Roosevelt, apparently a biker in secret. Who knew? So today I did the most terrifying thing I've done in years: I rode my bike for the first time, I mean all alone, and in traffic, to get it home from the repair shop (explanation: bought her used, needed minor repair). But it was terrifying in the bungee-jumping, skydiving, first-kiss kind of way. Most fun I've ever had with my clothes on. Stal...
Posted On: Thursday, 03 Jan, 2013Posted By: Marcus Santiago
It was a bitter cold, chilly, foggy morning on Thursday, December 27th 2012. While I began warming my Bullet Electra 350cc, my nephew, Shubham managed to kick start our 1972 model Jawa in a single stroke. We had packed our bodies with adequate thermal inners and took all precautions to protect body parts from the wind chill factor. Our destination was set 405 kms to the lake city of Udaipur. We chose the route through Beawar, Bhim-the more scenic and mountainous journey compared to the national ...
Posted On: Wednesday, 02 Jan, 2013Posted By: Shireesh Sharma
22nd Dec decided to visit Kushalnagar (Coorg). My friend Anad was thrilled to join me, but he could not join me due to bad health of his daughter. Night I dropped my family at in-law’s place. Arranged the things and gone to bed set the alarm 6.00 A M. 23rd morning 5.45 I woke up ahead the alarm & had tea. After a hot shower went outside to pullout my classic 350 the weather was so chill. I decided to wear double socks and hand glouse. After dress up 6.40 AM with a kick my bull st...
Posted On: Tuesday, 01 Jan, 2013Posted By: Ganesh O.P.
Trip To Neemrana, Rajasthan
On 14th July 2012 in the cool light of the moon, an idea struck to celebrate the monthesary (1st Month Anniversary... newly coined term) of my thunder on a long ride to Neemrana Fort, Rajasthan. With the weather conditions at that time it was an awesome thought. Rain gods were happy and they were at full swing for the past week at some places in Rajasthan. Within half an hour the whole plan was made and it was decided that we will leave at 500 HRS IST in the morning and will reach the plac...
Posted On: Tuesday, 25 Dec, 2012Posted By: Gautam Vyas
Guwahati Bongaigoan One Day Ride
Guwahati Bongaigoan One Day Ride around 450km 
Posted On: Tuesday, 25 Dec, 2012Posted By: SAIFUR Rahman
Early Morning Ride to Morabe Dam from Thane
My TBTS is yet to undergo first servicing so I am riding it to complete 500Kms. On this Sunday morning I had decidec to have a long ride of near about 100Km in mumbai only from Thane - Gateway- Nariman Point- Mahim- bandra- borivali  and back to thane from Ghodbandar road. So I started My Bike at 5.30 In the morning ( surely some people of my society must have abused me for this) and called up my friend who was supposed to come along as a pillion rider. I picked him up and finally ...
Posted On: Tuesday, 25 Dec, 2012Posted By: Abhiraj Bendre