Every trip has a few experiences that have been etched in your memory and can never be forgotten. Stories about with the stranger that you met on the highway, the person that helped you during your trip etc. Share with us, TRIP stories that have made you the person, you now are.

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Ride to Cherrapunjee
Me and one of My School time buddy rode to Cherrapunjee for a Weekend Trip. I was not having my own bike that time so rented a Classic 350 and he got his Thunderbird 350. It was a awesome ride on the hills. We reached during noon, had our lunch and went out to venture places where tourist don't visit.We found this beautiful lake just like Dawki. There were no one except us. The water was crystal clear. We spent some time and returned to the hotel. Next day morning we again went to that lake f...
Posted On: Wednesday, 07 Mar, 2018Posted By: DEEP D
Lone ride to from Aldona to Castlerock (Anmod Ghats)
I woke up early on 3rd March 2018 and decided to take a ride all by myself. I decided to go to Anmod Ghats and have breakfast there. I went via Bicholim and returned via Valpoi. The ride was great not much traffic on the road as it was a weekend. I left at 6.30 am and reached at 8.30 am on the ghats. I had my breakfast and decided to venture further to a place Castle-rock. That was around 8 km from the restaurant. Being alone i was a bit doubtful as to carry on to Castle-rock as the first few km...
Posted On: Tuesday, 06 Mar, 2018Posted By: Alyque Pinto
Ride to Tawang ,Meghalaya and Bhutan
Posted On: Tuesday, 06 Mar, 2018Posted By: Vinayak Nambiar
A trip in the snow lad mountains of Jammu and Kashmir
CEEOIndia a not-to-profit organization working for empowerment of people in Jammu and Kashmir, The organization try to explore villages through Bikes and distributed books and clothes among students in poor kids studying in government schools. Mujeeb Ali make a dream to led the bikers to invest  in education system of Jammu and kashmir  
Posted On: Monday, 05 Mar, 2018Posted By: Sheikh mujeeb Ali
Defect bike delivery to customer from HSR services Bangalore ( lalbagh branch)
Dear Royal Enfield team My name is Nagendra Prasad B, Mobile number : 9632596516 / 7892996929 I had booked the Royal Enfield Bullet classic 350 gun metal grey color on 01/03/2018 evening, and on the 03/03/2018 evening I have made the full cash payment of 1,76,248 Rupees (please find the attachment photos of the invoice done in the HSR services showroom) and on the delivery day of 05/03/2018 when I went to receive the vehicle to HSR services Royal Enfield Bullet showroom , they gave me ...
Posted On: Monday, 05 Mar, 2018Posted By: Nagendra Prasad B
Yes that's true. I am getting an average of 65kmpl in my classic 350. I don't know how this happened but last time i.e a month ago my classic needed a servicing so I went to the machanic named "Mister" quite famous for his work. And the rest is history.
Posted On: Monday, 05 Mar, 2018Posted By: Priyotosh Gorai
I cannot ride below 35 km/hr
Hi guys, I own std 350 2002 model. last year i had increased my crank to 10.50kg and now i cannot ride below 40km/hr same as before i take my bullet to work shop. Now i had run over 3500km. I hope that i will get good tips
Posted On: Sunday, 04 Mar, 2018Posted By: Ahsan Abid
Tik tik sound guess Rocker arm noise
I have owned RE 350 classic UG3 my bike has tik tik sound from starting I purchased to till now authorized service centers failed to solve my problem and I'm not willing to get it done by unauthorized service centers my bike has 17000kms meter reading
Posted On: Sunday, 04 Mar, 2018Posted By: Prajwal HG
Classic 350 gunmetal grey REAR BRAKE JAM
It was just the 3rd day with my classic 350 and suddenly the bike stopped when i released the clutch, the engine suddenly heated a lot. With lot of efforts I somehow managed to drag it to the service center. They said that the rear disc is locked and it is due to some air issue. I asked them several times but the reply was same due to the air problem. I invested almost 2 lakhs in the bike and this is not what I expect form it. Please anyone can guide me about the problem.
Posted On: Friday, 02 Mar, 2018Posted By: Himanshu Pratap Singh
Wasting huge amount
it was one of the big mistake i ever done became owner of c350. enfield should answer the question is there any quality for 1.54 lack ???? no way its big fail.... engine quality is very poor for the money. . its a big heart attack for RE lovers.... never ever solve the engine problems .. just check in side of the petrol tank ones after few month can see the production quality.
Posted On: Friday, 02 Mar, 2018Posted By: Mahin aboobaker