Every trip has a few experiences that have been etched in your memory and can never be forgotten. Stories about with the stranger that you met on the highway, the person that helped you during your trip etc. Share with us, TRIP stories that have made you the person, you now are.

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Worst service experience
I want to start with I bought Himalayan 2 months back it was fine till today I was riding Around 80km/h suddenly back break didn't work I some how managed to stop the vichle but after I called road assistant for 3hours there was no response from them it happened around 3pm it was raining heavily no one supported I called nearby showroom center's they wre very rude And one fellow named Ravi from RR Nagar showroom Bangalore he is saying front break is working so you ride the vichle and come...
Posted On: Tuesday, 14 Aug, 2018Posted By: Jeeva Uvaraju
Desert Storme Worst Bike manufactured ever
Hi all as considering the so called legendary bike i had purchased DESERT STORME in 2014 and trust me its the worst bike i have ever used in my life . It has given me heck of problems since the day i bought even though i service it regularly . Even their service stations are not polite enough . I have Yamaha R15 purchased in 2009 and till date has not given any problem to me neither it has broke down ever. Desert Storme has broke down so 1000’s of time even though i did not change any silencer o...
Posted On: Tuesday, 14 Aug, 2018Posted By: Kedar Jadhav
Worst service costed injuries
Hi Team, I have experienced the worst service from the Whitefield motors and this costed injuries and may have costed a life. I have serviced my vehicle and at the time I've informed them to check the silencer and replace it if it is not good. But the service advisor informed me that, silencer was good but it was loosen little bit and will fix. Later about 25days later when I was in the middle of the traffic the silencer felldown, the another vehicle coming on the back side ran over the ...
Posted On: Tuesday, 14 Aug, 2018Posted By: shiva kumar
Carburator changing
Hi, this is ASHWIN,I m planning to make my old 1980 bullet carburator to a old Apache carburator.is it possible iif yes what would happen when we change it so......
Posted On: Tuesday, 14 Aug, 2018Posted By: ASHWIN RAJ SELLAMUTHU
Very poor service
I am from Mangalore. I have kept by classic 350 for service on 3/8/18 at 8.45 am and I received back on 4/8/18 at 5.00 pm. Next day 6/8/18 there was problem . On the move itself it was on and off engine. Again I have to start in great difficult it started and I informed the service centre guys the issue. If kept once again service on 10/8/18 at 8.45 am till evening no call from them and I called them on 5.00 pm them say not able to find the problem so will give the tomorrow 11/8/18. On 11/8/18 t...
Posted On: Saturday, 11 Aug, 2018Posted By: Rakesh Kumar Shetty M
Metal Crashing Sound
I have bought Royal Enfield 350 Classic Gun Metal Grey bike 1 month back. I was on first gear holding the clutch and the bike is not moving. Someone called from the back and i release the clutch without knowing that i was on gear then suddenly I heard a metal crashing sound. Then onwards, when i was riding my bike on first gear it gives clutter sound. I also suspect there is something wrong with engine. please help.
Posted On: Friday, 10 Aug, 2018Posted By: Naveen Krishna
Royal Enfield as a brand
Hi guys I am trying to study brand perception of Royal Enfield it would be great if you guys provide me your valuable feedback by filling this simple survey thanks a lot in advance https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeOMiGIW-mz6eNmaRpFQacaxkdBQA1Gn3olxkK2M_9_sEic9g/viewform
Posted On: Thursday, 09 Aug, 2018Posted By: Kumar Kumar
Worst Sevice
Sir, Sub :- Frequent Engine Trouble etc. to Royal Enfield ( Classic 350 Gun Metal Grey BS IV ) Regd.No.TS 09EX3876 – Three services completed - Not rectify by Show Room Engineers – Complaint lodged in Local Offices in Telangana and Chennai head office – Immediate rectify or exchange new vehicle – Reg. ?**** ?On 12-12-2017, I purchased a motor vehicle from your dealership i.e. Royal Enfied, Chasis No. ME3U3S5C1HM564008, Engine No.U3S5...
Posted On: Wednesday, 08 Aug, 2018Posted By: Nelluri Saikumar Mudiraj
RE STEALTH BLACK 500cc Black Beauty
I bought Royal Enfield Stealth Black 500cc, 3rd August, 2018 & from last 3 days over 15 people ask & inquire me about bike, overwhelmed from response. Great Experience, Thank You Royal Enfield United Automobiles, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi & sales person Mr.Sharad Kapoor ????
Posted On: Tuesday, 07 Aug, 2018Posted By: PIYUSH SHARMA
Hello Guys, I bought RE Stealth 500cc from last 3 days more 15 people ask me the bike while travelling, me, my family & friends absolute love this #STEALTHY THANK YOU Royal Enfield Ashok Vihar, Sales Person Mr.Sharad Kapoor ?????
Posted On: Monday, 06 Aug, 2018Posted By: PIYUSH SHARMA