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a big failure
I bought a tb 350 bs iv before 7 mnths and let me just inform u that royal enfield is just a big zero u guys dont raise the standard of the vehicle not even to the proce tag u give . The problm with the speedometer it just craked and broked 5 times within 7 mnths and the prolm with showcps and concet ,jerking ,brake pad noise , and a big tapet noise . Even the authorized servc station cannot even find a permenent solution their are just seeling vehicle dnt even tak care abt that ita has been a g...
Posted On: Saturday, 24 Feb, 2018Posted By: Mithulaj Jamaludeen
Classic 350 gun metal rear disc brake since I bought it
Horrible experience of classic 350 gun metal . I bought my bike with lot of enthusiasm although I am having extremely painful experience with bike , showroom people, service center. Next day of my purchase, while riding smoke started coming out near rear tyre , not sure exactly the location. Post that, rear tyre was blocked and was not moving also when in neutral gear. Stopped for 30 minutes and some how reached Bangalore Whitefield showroom. They took one day time and said it's fixed. Nex...
Posted On: Friday, 23 Feb, 2018Posted By: Vinay Kumar
Rear brake jamm
I got my Thunderbird 350 in August,2017 and recently i had 3rd service but still there is a problem in my rear brake, they get jammed while driving and get heated badly , every time when i go to service centre, you guys just loose brake screw and do nothing else, i mean i can see the main problem is in rear brake cylinder or valve but why don't supervisors listen this and always do what want to... I am pissed off after purchasing this bike, it is giving me pain.. And i also want to know tha...
Posted On: Friday, 23 Feb, 2018Posted By: DrVivek Singh Kataria
carberry vibration reduction plate
Is it worth installing???if yes then suggests me a good engineer Recently purchased 500 stealth black. I am from Bhopal,
Posted On: Tuesday, 20 Feb, 2018Posted By: Sagar Soni
Chain sprocket broken
I've bought bullet 350 aka Electra and within 6 month of time the chain sprocket got broken! I don't understand what quality does RE providing now a days! Stats says REs sales records are in good progress and competing and out ruling the market! Then y u people are not concerned about the quality like before! Even my cousin's 4 months old bullet 350s wheels and battery guard are got rusted! Technicians are advising me to use lubricant for chain problem fine but how come it can't eve...
Posted On: Thursday, 15 Feb, 2018Posted By: Yoga Raj
delivery problem
i have booked my stealth black 3 months ago still i dnt get delivery what is problem ??????
Posted On: Wednesday, 14 Feb, 2018Posted By: pranav naidu naidu
Battery issues
I have been facing a problem of lights,horn,self start getting dimmer.And fynaly the horn stops working and also the self start.when I took it to service centre they told to change the battery.Once I changed the new battery I again started facing same problem.AgIn I took it to service centre and they told that the ammeter is spoilt and I put a new one.once I put the new ammeter it was proper for 1 week and again started facing that problem.Again I have kept it for service today.its been more tha...
Posted On: Tuesday, 13 Feb, 2018Posted By: Kaushik Bekal
Hi, Thank you very much for the fun and memorable bike riding trip we had in Sikkim(8-11 February 2018). When Arnab da spoke about Zuluk pass(59 hairpin bends) and made me google about it.Trust me when I saw the first pic Google suggested me, I had made my mind and I knew my 1st ride had to be Zuluk. Everything was arranged professionally and worked out well for us.The hotel and homestay were lovely and clear.All the tour guides were professional. Thank you again.
Posted On: Tuesday, 13 Feb, 2018Posted By: Subir Kumar Mandal
I've classic 350 from 2013 & it's run on original battery but 1day bike was not start on selfstart so I went on service centre they replaced some 15 & 10 A fuses in bike but problem was same so I purchased new battery from EXIDE dealer but after 3 months battery was dead. They changed me with new one battery but self was not working so I irritated now what I do. Plz give me solution.
Posted On: Monday, 12 Feb, 2018Posted By: Bhavin Solanki
My classic 350 has 110/90 rear tyre i replace it with 120/80 i m feeling now its disblancing and at the time of leaning tyre gets slip. Can anybody help me out please
Posted On: Monday, 12 Feb, 2018Posted By: Krishan Somawat