Every trip has a few experiences that have been etched in your memory and can never be forgotten. Stories about with the stranger that you met on the highway, the person that helped you during your trip etc. Share with us, TRIP stories that have made you the person, you now are.

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TBT 350
I got this brand new tbt 350 marine blue on 12/02/2017 After riding 300 km today i was on national highway and my bike stopped suddenly in middle with jerks as of low feul, but there is already 15 liters feul available in tank... it was getting started in few minutes and getting stopped every 1 km... I'm really disappointed and frustrated... I didn't expect this from such a bigh brand.. worst experience... i aslo read the same complaints from many RE users...why are you people not fixing...
Posted On: Sunday, 19 Feb, 2017Posted By: Shafayath Ahmed Khan
Horrendous Service Station!!
The love for Royal Enfield dies as soon as you give it for your first service! Its a Nightmare! Zero accountability Zero responsibility! Service centres are a complete waste of time! Had taken an appointment for 13.02.17 at P.R. Enterprises Mahim (W),Mumbai and was promised delivery by the same evening. Reconfirmed at 5 p.m. Same day was told to collect by 7.00 p.m. After reaching still vehicle still not ready, Was promised the first delivery next day by the proprietor Mr.sameer himself (Mahim w...
Posted On: Sunday, 19 Feb, 2017Posted By: Omesh Changwani
Leh Ladakh
Leh Ladakh 2017 - Ride by BULLET HAWKSDates:Batch -1 | 21st June to 4th July 2017Batch -2 | 21st July to 3rd August 2017Batch- 3 | 21st August to 3rd September 2017INCLUDES : -- Royal Enfield (350 cc)- Fuel- Accommodation- Food (Break fast - Dinner)- Medical support (Doctor)- Mechanical support- Personal Photography & Documentary film- SUV Car Backup supportRs.:- 44000/-Route :- Delhi - Manali - Ladakh - Manali - DelhiFor More Details contact on: +91 97144 80808, 96626 97798Email: info@bullethaw...
Posted On: Friday, 17 Feb, 2017Posted By: Dhaval Patel
Trippys in thekkady
Me and my amigos take a trip to Thekkady. Its about 98km from kottayam.The ride was so soothing and ease that the climate is so good. The road is like hilly click but the monster shows the boost. The performance is so good although i got 40km of mileage. Thekkady, place with so many varities of animals birds and plants.. its all about trippingg...simlpyy cool.love RE classic 350..
Posted On: Thursday, 16 Feb, 2017Posted By: Melbin Augustine
Low Mileage and RPM issue
Hi everyone, I have thunderbird 350. For first four months, I was getting a mileage of 45kmpl. Right after 3rd service, mileage dropped to 35 - 38 kmpl. I had noticed slight increase in RPM of about 200 - 300 RPM while riding at 60 - 80 kmph in 5th gear.I complained on the same and visited service station. Now RPM is increased another 500 for the above mentioned speed. Due to which mileage is has dropped to 28-32 kmpl.Service station managers say that the bike gives a mileage of 30 - 33 kmpl max...
Posted On: Thursday, 16 Feb, 2017Posted By: Bharath C
Weird Noice from Classic 350- Bad experience from RE
Dear RE team, Being a hardcore fan of RE, I bought my RE Classic 350 (TN 07 CD 2745) in October 2015 from company owned outlet in OMR- Chennai . But the happiness was taken out by god in the form of heavy floods in Dec 2015 and my machine was the one which got effected during this period . Later great support by RE service team of OMR outlet made me happy for getting my bullet service faster . But the happiness was only for time being . In march I got married and I haven't used my ...
Posted On: Tuesday, 14 Feb, 2017Posted By: Jithendra Ramineni
Chennai to Western Ghats by 3 Men 3 Machine
After a completing a year from my last trip in 2016, we have planned this trip with a very short time (in a 3 days a gap). Yes from Chennai-Dindigul-Marayur-Munnar-Bodimettu-Megamalai (1400 kms) by 3 Men with 3 different Machines. One Road Tripper One City Rider One Racer Initially it took 10 hrs to reach Dindigul from Chennai due to heavy traffic in the night as well as a puncture. But it was a nice combination & an awesome...
Posted On: Tuesday, 14 Feb, 2017Posted By: Sulaiman V K
RETB350 1st services done
Hi I completed 500 km and done first service great experience to drive the bird and good service at Hyderabad nedermet Orange international service centre my bike is completely smith and good performance but which I hate is tik tik sound some times it come automatically with loud noice and I added extra led which gives you good look I suggest everyone to drive bike under 2.5 RPM in city 40/50 km speed in city n in highway 80-90 it's help on engine life n dnt change silencer.
Posted On: Monday, 13 Feb, 2017Posted By: Irfan Khan
My bike stolen
My royal enfield 350 stolen
Posted On: Monday, 13 Feb, 2017Posted By: Navdeep Sagar
Piston noise
Its been 11000 kms since I'm riding my classic 350. Piston noises are too loud even after the change of engine oil. Suggest me a solution
Posted On: Monday, 13 Feb, 2017Posted By: Saketh Trichinapalli