Manu Shrivastava's musical journey
Manu Shrivatsava's track with some additional thump is now hot and ready to be heard! Check out the pumped up track he finished with Dualist Inquiry as part of his private studio session here:
Here's what the judge, Dualist Inquiry, had to say about the winning track:
"It was a really close competition, but in the end I chose Manu Shrivastava's song 'The Shaitaan ReThumps' as the winner of this competition, because it represents an amazing level of attention to detail, production value, originality, unpredictability and personality. There are glimmers of joy, despair, hope, humour and psychedelia all within a few moments of each other. To top it off, I found the Enfield bike sound sample to be very subtly and effectively integrated into song, and all the musical elements have been mixed together really well. All of this indicates that this is a producer who has spent a lot of time honing his craft, and has obviously put a great deal of effort into producing this song.

Congratulations, Manu!"

the thump contest

We asked you to send us your original music score inspired by the legendary THUMP, and boy did that happen! Dualist Inquiry chosen Manu Shrivastava is now riding around town on his very own custom hand-painted Royal Enfield.

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