Every trip has a few experiences that have been etched in your memory and can never be forgotten. Stories about with the stranger that you met on the highway, the person that helped you during your trip etc. Share with us, TRIP stories that have made you the person, you now are.

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Why we can't fill the petrol tank to full.
Hi, I got my Stealth Black two days ago, But Dealer told me one thing that i cant fill up the petrol to its full. I want to know why, I have checked lots of videos but not getting proper info on this. In some videos some people are telling that RE has fixed this issue and now we can fill full tank ? Can anybody please help me out on this. Thank you
Posted On: Monday, 25 Dec, 2017Posted By: Ratnesh Yadav
Top 3 Biking Trips In India
Being a biking veteran, I have completed many road trips across the country. There this an unmatchable feeling of freedom when there is instant acceleration at your mercy. In the biking brotherhood we all know there’s nothing like switching up the city traffic for a vast empty road. For me, riding is all about that rush of blood when it’s just my Royal Enfield Himalayan and me. Below are my top 3 favourite trips!1. Manali – LehThis trip was a true challenge in every aspect. Unkind roads and cold...
Posted On: Wednesday, 20 Dec, 2017Posted By: Nirvan Roy
my bike exchange for thunderbird 500
My bike exchange thunderbird 500 after buying to classic 350
Posted On: Wednesday, 20 Dec, 2017Posted By: Rishabh Sahu
Chennai - Yercaud (The First Long Ride)
We started off from Chennai, Tamil Nadu at 16th of December 2017 to Yercaud, Tamil Nadu. The journey was exciting as we made our first decisions to stay at our friend's home at Komarapalayam. We set of to Komarapalayam and made our stay there for a day. Later we planned to Yercaud and started our ride at 17th of December 2017. We left back all our luggages since we planned to return back the following night. We started our trip at morning 6am to yercaud and it was cold. We then reached yercau...
Posted On: Tuesday, 19 Dec, 2017Posted By: Akash Ramesh
My Adventure story
We finished touring the glorious Rajasthan, with our friendly tour guide. 2 secs later, my feet met with camel poop !!
Posted On: Tuesday, 19 Dec, 2017Posted By: Vivek v
Breaking issues
Break quality is really bad in classic 350. .. noisy breaking with vibrations.. every time i stop my bike, everybody loks at me .. not because of bullet but bcoz of its noisy break. Really embarrassing.
Posted On: Tuesday, 19 Dec, 2017Posted By: Varun Dagar
Rear wheel chain sound
Hai this is Bagavathi from Tamilnadu, I have a new royal enfield classic 350 for the past 3 month's. Now I finished 2nd service in our nearby royal enfield showroom. After 2nd service I have facing tik tik sounds from rear wheel chain side and I changed the chain lock. Also the sound not reduced. Please give the suggestions for stopping the irritating sound and why the sound is coming again.Thanking you
Posted On: Saturday, 16 Dec, 2017Posted By: Bagavathi appan
Want to learn bullet
Hey I'm Neha ..I want to learn to ride a bullet ..I stay in Hyderabad..is there any training centres which teaches to ride a bullet for a women..pls let me know
Posted On: Saturday, 16 Dec, 2017Posted By: Neha Devapuja
Great preform
A it's my royal enfield Thunder bird 350 really preformed well my bike have 4,000 km done 2000km riding a bike on the off road it's really work well
Posted On: Friday, 15 Dec, 2017Posted By: Akash Kumar
Himalayan bad servicing in Kerala eranakulam
Sir my Himalaya only rannud. 12000 km but 10 times serviced bad full sound vibration bad servicing in eranakulam st Mary’s motors
Posted On: Thursday, 14 Dec, 2017Posted By: Abu Thahir