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Electronic Ignition kit
  • Electronic Ignition kit

    created by: Shanoj12:00 AMFri, August 20, 2004
  • The REML site sells a CDI Kit for 1065Rs, (I undrstd that its NOT a Push-start) How will it fit my 1996-STD350, My mechanic says u need a New-Coil magneto that the website does not seem to offer, Am I wrong?, Please advise how does the kit from REML work and do we need to spend any more than 1065Rs to get that thing to work on a 96'STD350, Thnaks

  • nitin kumar

    12:00 AM Thu, August 26, 2004
  • CDI unit can fit in any bike.but you have to get money + time + open the enigin,,,, as you know time = money!!!
    there's one way to do it ,without worst time and money..
    change CB pint to "electronic ignition".it'll cost you max works well like CDI.
    I call it Semi-CDI..
    your can start you bike at a very low current.. ,


  • Shanoj T. S

    12:00 AM Wed, September 1, 2004
  • Guys with CB Point on their bull's , U need to try the 1065Rs electronic kit that REML sells in this Website, it is simply superb with respect to starting and takes abt 20-30 mins to fit it, forget the painful time spent at the workshop's for setting the point gap correctly and maintaining it every week or 2, this is a piece of cake, improves pickup, starts at the 1st kick on coldest of days and takes abt 50bucks to fit(WIth my mechanic), dunno at mileage, Mail me at if u wanna kno more and make ur old CB bull into a better one, IMP::: THUMP BEAT DOES NOT CHANGE A BIT