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350 Classic
  • 350 Classic

    created by: Sumeet10:40 PMThu, February 14, 2013
  •  My Plight Before You Think Of Buying This Bike !!!



    From: Sumeet.Verma@Hotmail.Co.In
    To: Nshivaprasad@Royalenfield.Com
    CC: Cbrajesh@Royalenfield.Com; Pulotlikar@Royalenfield.Com; Jrajkumar@Royalenfield.Com; Customerservice@Royalenfield.Com
    Subject: RE: Yet Another Bad Experience: Ref: 130028 / Bad Customer Experience
    Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 22:09:59 +0530



    Trouble With Royal Enfield Has No End !!!


    My Bike Was Picked Up From My Place For Rectification Where Thy Identified Two Things In Particular

    Fuse For Battery Was Blown Up Hence The Bike Did Not Start,

    When You Start The Bike The AMP Indicator Is At The '+ Ve' End And When You Turn On The Lights The AMP Indicator Is Goes To The '- Ve' End And The Bike Shuts.


    They Took My Bike To The Service Center, They Did What They Had To And Said The Bike Is In Good Working Working Condition. This Was Not True, As The AMP Indicators Was Still Acting He Same Fashion And The Bike Would Shut The Moment The AMP Indicator Traveled Towards The '- Ve' Side. And This Would Happen When You Turn The Lights On. Soon The Bike Shut Dead Again. 

    I Called To Say About This And Informed About New Issues That Cropped Up, Namely:

    ·         The Lights Are Fit Out Of Focus

    ·         Disk Brake Makes A Loud Noise When You Apply Brakes.

    ·         Choke Leaver Is Stuck And Can Not Be Pulled Or Pushed.


    This Time They Picked My Bike Once Again From My House And Said Its The Battery That Quit. 


    ·         Well My Question Is When The Battery Was Otherwise Working Fine, How All Of A Sudden It Died? Also I Understand The AMP Indicators Are Linked To My Bike Battery's Sudden Death.

    ·         To Add, The Brakes Still Continue To Make Loud Noise.

    ·         And To Add To My Trouble A New Trouble Cropped. The Light On AMP Indicator Does Not Work Anymore.


    Every Time The Bike Goes To The Service Center, Only 80% Of The Issues Are Fixed; 20% Remain Pending AND It Returns With Additional Issues.


    With My Issues Still Pending To Be Resolved I Am Given Another Bill Of 2915 Where 2650 Is For New Battery, 65 For Indicator Stay And 200 Towards Pick Up And Drop Charges.


    I Should Not Be Asked To Pay Any Of These Charges As I Am Not Responsible For Any Of These Issues.


    Now, As A Reply, I Am Expecting Another Sorry Email From Your Side That States Mr. Priyank Will Look Into It And That I Will Be Happy Riding My Bike Once Again. 


    All I Wish Is To Be Happy In My Current Life And Hope That The Issues On My Bike Are Resolved Before I Celebrate My 100th Birthday.


    Please Be Informed That I Will Take All Of This Communication To The Consumer Court When I File A Case Against Your Company For Mental & Emotional Harassment And Torture Levied On Me And My Family Due To A Sub Standard Product And Even Horrible Service.



    Sumeet Verma


    Subject: RE: Yet Another Bad Experience: Ref: 130028 / Bad Customer Experience
    Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2013 15:35:50 +0530
    From: Nshivaprasad@Royalenfield.Com
    To: Sumeet.Verma@Hotmail.Co.In
    CC: Cbrajesh@Royalenfield.Com; Pulotlikar@Royalenfield.Com; Jrajkumar@Royalenfield.Com; Customerservice@Royalenfield.Com

    Dear Mr Sumeet Verma,


    Greetings From Royal Enfield.


    I Am Sorry For The Inconvenience Caused To You. I Am Requesting Our Service Manager Mr Priyank To Get In Touch With You And Solve The Issues In The Bike. We Will Make Sure That You Are Happy Riding Your Bullet Again. Understood From Mr.Priyank That Your Bike Already Picked From Your Place For Necessary Rectification.


    Assuring My Best Services.



    Thanks & Regards




    Shivaprasad. N  | Regional Service Manager | Royal Enfield | A Division Of Eicher Motors Limited |

    Plot No. 16, Sector -1  | Nerul | Navi Mumbai | 400 706 | India |

    ( Cell No :+91 7738292981 | Phone No +91 22 27700395 / +91 22 27700501  |

    *Nshivaprasad@Royalenfield.Com |


    Visit Us On:







    From: Sumeet Verma [Mailto:sumeet.Verma@Hotmail.Co.In] 
    Sent: Monday, February 04, 2013 11:28 PM
    To: Customerservice Royal Enfield
    Cc: N Shivaprasad; C . B.Rajesh; Priyank Umakant Lotlikar; J Rajkumar
    Subject: Yet Another Bad Experience: Ref: 130028 / Bad Customer Experience


    Hi All,


    Yet Another Example Of Dirty Job From Royal Enfield


    I Was Told That The Chassis Reached Sharda Motors On The 14th Of January 2013. I Got The Delivery Of My Bike Today, I.E. 4th Of Feb 2013 At 7:30pm. Which Is After Good 22 Days.  

    Post Collecting My Bike From The Service Center I Filled It With Petrol From A Petrol Pump Which Is Like 2-3kms Away And Then I Rode It Another 5-6kms Where The Bike Shut Multiple Times Before Going Dead. It Refuses To Start Like There Is No Ignition / Battery. Tried Using The Ignition And The Kick To Start The Bike But All In Vain. I Tried Calling / Contacting Sharda Motors But No Reply. I Had To Literally Push The Bike Another 2-3kms And Park It In My Office In Malad.

    So The Bike That Took In Total 2 Months And 8 Days To Be Repaired Rode Good 8kms And Shut Dead.


    I Need YOU & Your Team To Answer The Following Questions

    ·         How Do You Intend To Resolve My Issue?

    ·         Is My Perception Of Royal Enfield Being A Pathetic Company That Manufactures Inferior Products And Provides Dirty/No Service Justified ? 

    ·         Should I Ever Buy Another Another Product From Royal Enfield?

    ·         Should I Recommend Your Product To Friends And Known Ones?

    ·         Have You Guys Planned To Trouble Me On Purpose?

    ·         How Will I Be Compensated For All This Trouble?

    ·         Give Me One Reason For Not Approaching Consumer Forum For Poor Product, Inferior Service And Incompetent Staff That Works With Royal Enfield !!!




    Sumeet Verma

    Subject: RE: 130028 / Bad Customer Experience
    Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 12:59:08 +0530
    From: Customerservice@Royalenfield.Com
    To: Sumeet.Verma@Hotmail.Co.In
    CC: Nshivaprasad@Royalenfield.ComCbrajesh@Royalenfield.Com

    Dear Sir,


    Greetings From Royal Enfield !!



    Thanks For Your Reply Mail, We Are Advising Our Regional Service Manager Mr. N. Shivaprasad Located At Mumbai Office, Will Get In Touch With You At The Earliest & Explain To You .







    From: Sumeet Verma [Mailto:sumeet.Verma@Hotmail.Co.In
    Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2013 10:29 AM
    To: Customerservice Royal Enfield
    Cc: Priyank Umakant Lotlikar; N Shivaprasad; C . B.Rajesh; J Rajkumar
    Subject: RE: 130028 / Bad Customer Experience




    I Am Happy That My Grievance Was Read Through And Responded To. I Am Only Waiting For My Bike To Reach Me At The Earliest.


    Also While Talking And Discussing With Mr. Priyank About The Chassis Bending While The Bike Was Only At The Speed Under 40 Kmph. I Have A Confirmation That The Chassis Used Was Of Substandard/Poor Quality. The Entire Expense Would Have Not Been There Had The Product Quality Had Been In Place.


    As A Gesture Or Understanding From Your Company, I Will Want The Entire My Bike To Be Serviced, Repaired And Delivered To My Doorstep For Free. I Will Not Want To Bear Any Cost For The Repairs Of The Substandard Quality Products Used As I Have Already Spent A Lot On The Issues Otherwise Mentioned In The Trail Mail.


    Either You Give Me A Brand New Bike FOC In Exchange Or Give Me A Bike That Is Completely Rectified Of All Flaws Free Of Cost Or Repair And Amend My Bike Without Charging Me A Dime.


    Raise Exceptions If You Have To As I Refuse To Make Any Payments To Sharda Motors For My Bike This Time.



    Sumeet Verma







    Subject: RE: 130028 / Bad Customer Experience
    Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2013 13:57:19 +0530
    From: Customerservice@Royalenfield.Com
    To: Sumeet.Verma@Hotmail.Co.In
    CC: Pulotlikar@Royalenfield.ComNshivaprasad@Royalenfield.ComCbrajesh@Royalenfield.ComJrajkumar@Royalenfield.Com

    Dear Sir,


    We Are In Receipt Of Your Mail And Regret To Note The Problems On Your Royal Enfield Motorcycle As Stated By You.


    Please Be Advised That Through A Copy Of This Mail We Are Advising Our Regional Office, Address As Given Below, To Get In Touch With You Immediately To Assess What Problems Are Being Faced By You And To Set Right The Same To Your Entire Satisfaction.


    Mr. Priyank Lotlikar - Territory Service Manager Located At Mumbai Office  (Contact No. 9833274830) It Will Be Our Endeavor To Ensure That You Have Years Of Riding Pleasure On Our Royal Enfield Motorcycle.


    Thanking You And Assuring You Of Our Best Attention At All Times.



    K. Ramalingam



    From: Sumeet Verma [Mailto:sumeet.Verma@Hotmail.Co.In
    Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2013 5:57 PM
    To: Customerservice Royal Enfield
    Subject: Bad Customer Experience




    I Am A Bike Rider Since 1998, I Own 3 Bikes - Hero Honda Splendor, Hero Honda Karizma And Royal Enfield - 350 CC Classic.


    I Am Fairly Disappointed With My Classic 350 Bike.  Few Issues That I Would Like To Highlight


    1. When I Got This Bike With Parts Already Rusted

    2. The Ignition Lock Gave Me Trouble And Had To Get It Replaced,

    3. Engine Oil Leakage Issue Was To Be Sorted / Rectified By Myself

    4. Chain Gets Loose Within A Month Of Service

    5. Rear Shock Absorb-Er Is Not Very Effective Causing Backache To The Pillion Rider

    6. The Rear View Mirrors - Both Left And Right Shiver While Riding The Bike Making It Difficult To View The Vehicles.

    7. Teeth Of The Metal On The Rear Wheel Where The Chain Fits, Broke While Riding Without A Pillion Rider, Up Hill Of National Park In Borivali. 


    I Have Not Faced A Single Issue Listed Above In My Other Bikes. Making Me Feel That I Have Spent A Lot Of Money On A Product That Is Of Inferior Quality. 


    On 26th/27th Of November 2012, I Met With An Accident Where A Taxi Was Reversing In Full Speed From A Building. I Was Travelling On My Bullet At A Speed Of 40kms, Looking At The Speeding Taxi I Applied Sudden Breaks. I Did Not Bang With The Taxi Nor Did The Bike Fall On Any Sharp Object, But Application Of Breaks Alone Made The Chassis Of My Bike Bend. Making It Clear That The Parts Used In The Bike Are Of Poor Quality.


    Adding To My Miseries Is Your Dirty Servicing Team. Its Been Over A Month And Your Company Has Not Yet Shipped The Chassis. My Bike Is Still Not Made And Is With The Service Center For Over A Month. This Kind Of Service Is Unacceptable From A Company That Has A Name Like Yours. 


    Request You To Expedite The Process So I Get My Bike Back Soon. 


    I Am A Very Unsatisfied Customer And I Promise That I Will Never Suggest My Friends To Buy Your Product.


    I Believe That If One Can Not Provide A Quality Product Or Standard Service, One Should Stop Manufacturing That Product. Please Better Your Product Quality To Avoid Adding Shame To Your Company Name.


    My Bike Is At Your Authorized Service Center, Sharda Motors In Goregaon (9892315563) Since The 27th Of November. I Am Informed That Your Dealer Is Not Supplying Them With The Chassis Resulting In Delay In Repair Work On It.


    Details Of My Bike As Follows:

    Registration No: 
    Make And Model: Royal Enfield, Classic 350
    Body Type: Motor Cycle
    Mfg Year: 2011
    CC: 346
    Seating Capacity: 2
    Engine No: 
    Chassis No: 


    Do Reply With An Expected Turn Around Time On My Issue. Also Notify Me With An Escalation Process If My Issue Is Not Under Your Control.



    Sumeet Verma


  • Aseem Kumar

    11:03 PM Mon, March 3, 2014
  • Hi Sumeet, Have you had any luck with getting the numerous problems rectified or you had to drag them to the court? Thanks

  • Nithin

    05:12 PM Fri, March 7, 2014
  • Hey Sumeet.. Whats the current situation..?? Were your problems solved..??