Harmininder Singh is the winner of Royal Enfield Desert Storm ridden by Farhaan Akhtar in the movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

“The contest was our way of celebrating the spirit of epic journeys that we frequently see in our fans and customers. The Bhaag Milkha Bhaag contest provided these enthusiasts with a platform to tell their hitherto untold stories of their own odysseys”, said Shaji Koshy, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Royal Enfield.

The Winning Odyssey
In Harmininder’s words, “This odyssey ended on 25th Feb, 2013 back in Chandigarh after 11000kms, almost 50 days, bruised knees and ankles, chapped skin, tanned arms, but a very bright smile on face. We had accomplished our dream of touching the youth of the nation.” You see, the aim Harmininder Singh and his cousin, Bupinder Singh set out with was, “Visiting various colleges holding discussions with students to research what is going on in their minds”, about Social, Political, and Cultural issues.

They interacted with faculty and students regarding the social structure of their institutions with respect to various social issues, like female foeticide, inclusive education and special children. “In 50 days we visited 15 states and almost 25 colleges; interacting with youth… we kept on realizing the truth of society.”

The journey wasn’t easy, in fact, “We were called ‘insane’ by many; who rides a bike in this cold weather? The questions came from all directions, but determination and will made us carry on… We were low on money but high on spirits… We slept on roadsides at times, ate with locals, got chased by police and dogs, fought with drunkards had to hide in trees, but it all was exciting and lovely. The spirit of the road and zeal of adventure, combined with a mission and heart to take everything as it comes made us go on.” This spirit is what every true Royal Enfield rider identifies with.

His interactions with students across the country led him to this, “We had their point of view and realized the real reason which is driving them insane is the fact that they lack a direction and are in search of it with the help of misdirected means. We are now in a process of starting a youth based international magazine. This journey taught me about the realities of the world and road. Both are identical, if faced with confidence you can conquer both. While watching Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, I could identify with his problems at every step with ours on the journey, and his confidence with ours every time.”

As for his motorcycle on the journey, “150cc bike, Loved it, but power was a problem.” And so is thrilled to be presented with the Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500cc.

Harmininder Singh along with his cousin, Bupinder Singh are an inspiration to everyone they come in touch with, and we hope the keys to this Royal Enfield Desert Storm ridden by Farhaan Akhtar in the movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag helps them to continue unlocking and inspiring minds of the youth everywhere.

Judging Notes
Harmininder Singh’s entry stood out from the rest because of how layered his experience was, and how inspiring his story is to everyone who comes in contact with it. Just as Milkha Singh repeatedly overcame hurdles along the way to achieve what he had set out to, this expedition was no easy task.

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