• Dirt Track (Separate Classes 500cc and 350cc)

    • qualification

      This will be held in the autocross format. Riders with the top 10 times will make it to the finals.

    • finals

    • technical specifications

  • Trials (Common for 350cc and 500cc)

    • Event Format

      • Every participant must complete an obstacle course without putting his leg down or going out of the prescribed track.
      • Penalty points are awarded every time the leg comes into contact with the ground or the wheel goes off the track.
      • Each participant will be timed; the rider with the lowest score & least time wins the competition.
    • Technical specifications

  • Slow Race

      • The rider taking the longest time to complete the track without putting his leg down or going out of his/her lane wins. A pillion rider is compulsory.
      • Rider has ride on the pre designed course. At the count of three, the rider has to lift his feet from the ground and start riding. Failure to do so will result in both the rider & pillion being disqualified.
      • If the front or the rear tire of the motorcycle cross or touch the white lines of the course, both the rider & the pillion will be disqualified.
      • If the rider loses balance and puts his/her feet down on the ground, both the rider and the pillion will be disqualified.
      • The slowest rider & pillion to cross the finish line qualify for the next heat.

  • Carry Your Bike

      • At the count of three, a team of four has to carry a Royal Enfield motorcycle across a distance of 30 meters.
      • First team to cross the finish line without letting the motorcycle touch the ground wins the race.

  • Assembly Wars

      • Teams of four will participate in this event.
      • Bikes will be scrutinized before the start.
      • Clutch Cable, Throttle cable, quarter pins, screws of both LH & RH switch assemblies & both wheel axle nuts to be checked & tightened if required.
      • At the count of three, team members have to remove both the wheels, throttle cable & clutch cable from the bike.
      • ONE participant has to carry the same across a small track to the marshal for verification.
        (Only the same team member can carry the parts in multiple rounds for verification)
      • Once the verification is done, the team member has to carry the spares back to the bike & the entire team has to start reassembling them on the bike & any one team member has to ride the motorcycle back to the marshal.
      • First team to remove the parts, get them verified by the marshal then put them back on the bike & ride the bike to the finish line wins the race.

  • Arm Wrestling

      • All the participants have to shake hands, before and after each match.
      • Participants should place their elbows on specifically designed elbow foam blocks.
      • Participants should not use body weight during the match.
      • All starts will be a 'Ready, get set, go'.
      • To make a winning pin you must touch your opponent’s hand to the touchpad. There will be no parallel pin calls.
      • A participant with three fouls will be disqualified.
      • A false start is a foul.

  • Most Popular Custom Bike

    • At Rider Mania 2014, you'll be the judge of the 'Most Popular Custom Bike'! Each registered rider will receive one voting card and he/she can vote for their favourite custom bike from the ones on display. The bike with the most number of votes will be declared as the Most Popular Custom Bike of Rider Mania 2014.

  • Custom Bike Competition

    • Royal Enfield invites custom bike builders from around the country to enter their masterpieces for the Best Custom Bike competition. Fifteen of the best custom bikes will be shortlisted to be displayed at Rider Mania 2014*.
      Last date to submit entries: 1st November, 2014.

      *We will pay a maximum of Rs. 10,000 per motorcycle towards transportation costs.

  • Cleanest Bike

    • This doesn't really require a lot of explaining. The cleanest bike at Rider Mania 2014, as decided by the judges, wins the contest!

  • Beer Drinking

    • An event where you hold a pint bottle to your mouth, tilt your neck and let gravity do the rest. The rules will be decided on the spot based on the number of entries.

Dirt Track
(Separate Classes 500cc and 350cc)-


This will be held in the autocross format. Riders with the top 10 times will make it to the finals.

This will be a mass start.

technical specifications

Engine Mods:

No restrictions on Engine modifications

Riding Gear:

Everything listed below is mandatory.
  • Full-face helmet
  • 1. Knee & shin guards
  • 2. Ankle length boots
  • 3. Armored Motorcycle Jacket.

Only the following tires will be allowed in the dirt track competition:

  • 4. Michelin Sirac
  • 5. MRF meteor
  • 6. Ceat Secura Sport
  • 7. Dunlop unigrip
  • 8. MRF zappers
  • 9. MRF Nylogrip Plus
  • 10. MRF Moto D
  • 11. MRF Moto C
  • 12. CEAT Vertigo
  • 13. And all Royal Enfield OEM tires

(Common for 350cc and 500cc)+
Carry Your Bike+
Slow Race+
Assembly Wars+
Arm Wrestling+
Most Popular Custom Bike+
Custom Bike Competition+
Cleanest Bike+
Beer Drinking+