Every trip has a few experiences that have been etched in your memory and can never be forgotten. Stories about with the stranger that you met on the highway, the person that helped you during your trip etc. Share with us, TRIP stories that have made you the person, you now are.

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TB350 or Classic 350 future modification
Hi , I'm planning to buy RE .But I'm having little confusion for choosing the model TB350 or Classic350. I have done a test drive for both bike but I both stil having confusion on choosing one . please Suggest me and which is good for future custom modification? Thanks Rajasekar
Posted On: Wednesday, 08 Jul, 2015Posted By: Rajasekar S
HI  sorry to post mysad story here because i did not find any forum to file the complaint .My 2011 classic 350 chassis is cracked and i am afraid to ride it any more.When i contacted the service ppl they say its a manufacturing defect and 1 in a lakh will have this.So i am the unfortunate guy in a lakh.The crack has developed without any accidents or ruff use.I was shocked with the kind of quality royal enfield is giving to the end customer.I am looking forward for a chasis replacement at the ea...
Posted On: Tuesday, 07 Jul, 2015Posted By: sabu paul
Dear Sir, I purchase a Classic 350 on 01-07-2015 , (2 days before) at 6.pm. From the very first day after driving 90km i found a problem cant stop the engine. Inform your shop and your mechanic replaced battery and some other parts. But later i am traveling continuously 50 km found some untolerable  sound from engine and suddenly the throttle response was down and put the right indicator some times left will work or both at same time. Today morning  the same engine complaint repeated and engine ...
Posted On: Saturday, 04 Jul, 2015Posted By: Santhanu Sandy
A night ride to Qqty.... to evade the tensions in life..
A light heart attempt to capture the feel of the ride.  Weekend ride to Ooty..http://nihazak.blogspot.in/
Posted On: Saturday, 04 Jul, 2015Posted By: Nihaz Abdul
karakoram and rimo vist
area north of leh is still  terra incognito for enthusiastic biker...elevations is beyond17000 feet with devoide of any sign of civilisation barring few border out post of armrd force...with standard 500 royal enfield made a trip to snout of rimo glacier,karakoram pass and the depsang plains(once frequented by silk traders from yarkand).visit might be prolouge to the attack by royalfield enthusiasts......beware oh...sleeping beauty.....here we come.....
Posted On: Thursday, 02 Jul, 2015Posted By: sanjeev rolba
Today 1st july 15 i get up early in the morning at 3:30 am and get ready for mylittle journy with my classic 350. I pushed starter at 4:20 am and reached my destination 92kms without single stop at KHODIYAR MATAJI TEMPLEnr. bhavnagar at 6:00 am. Very peaceful place in the morning. i return my home at 8:00 am . Good ride experience CLASSIC 350.
Posted On: Wednesday, 01 Jul, 2015Posted By: HARPALSINH RATHOD
sir, a week earlier i have visited your royal enfield branch,,sector 125 sunny enclave for booking and inqury....there i found a employ name 'ricky' he told me that he we can get the bullet without any booking,,,he was asking for money also he gave me his phone no. 9646642143 and told me that he can supply me free alloy wheels ,if i approach to another branch..kindly fire such type of employs!!!!
Posted On: Monday, 29 Jun, 2015Posted By: rohit sharma
My new blog
Hey guys, recently started blogging about my experiences owning and riding a thunderbird 500 stone black. Please visit and any suggestions are most welcomehttp://www.sunnythunderbird.blogspot.com
Posted On: Saturday, 27 Jun, 2015Posted By: shehwaz riyaz
I urgently want to sale my RE due to some family financial problem. This is the only way how i can help my family. I would like to describe about my bull. Its manufactured at 1995 and registered at jan 1996. Its fitness is renewed and expires @ 2020. Fuel type is Diesel. And avg of 90kmpl. There is no work its fully completed. Price is 1,27,000/-. Any one want to help me or want to buy can contact @ 7566666895 This bull is at Raipur, C.G.
Posted On: Thursday, 25 Jun, 2015Posted By: Shanmukh Rao
trip #2: Trip Pune to Mumbai
It was the World Motorcycle day. The world Music day. Celebrated both with RUDRA. Had a ride from Pune to Mumbai on NH4. Amazing weather, heavy rain, clouds, rough roads, hot tea, and...dug dug dug dug dug...music in ipod and the music of the thump and the highway...it should only be experienced and not told.. Travelling with RUDRA...adventure I think can become a way of life even more..
Posted On: Monday, 22 Jun, 2015Posted By: Preetam Bala