Every trip has a few experiences that have been etched in your memory and can never be forgotten. Stories about with the stranger that you met on the highway, the person that helped you during your trip etc. Share with us, TRIP stories that have made you the person, you now are.

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In the land of Gorkhas
It has been a while since our last trip, so when we looked upon the calendar and found three consecutive holidays we knew what we are up to. Though destination does not matter much to us, but in this scorching summer we all agreed for a cool breeze.So, all set, 12th April 2014 early in the morning I set the Odo to TripA and lead the pack of Thunderbird, Classic and Electra. We took brief breaks for tea at Farakka, Breakfast at Malda and lunch at Dalkhola. From 5:30 in the morning to 5:...
Posted On: Sunday, 20 Apr, 2014Posted By: Abhinava Pandey
Trip to Kausoli
Once I & my friens planned to go to Kausoli (HP). Then I owned Splendour+ Bike. While Riding on Hills we faced a problem. Front tyre of Bike was Lifting in Air automatically. I was not comfortable to ride the bike. If I put Bike in 3rd Gear it got off & was not able to ride in 2nd Gear due to Lifting problem. Our other friends came to us but they were not aware about the problem.  Then we stopped for getting relax & photoshoot. After that I & my friend suddenly run ...
Posted On: Friday, 18 Apr, 2014Posted By: Sandeep Kumar
Royal Enfield Electra 350 - 100,000 kms up
This is a write up of my 2002 Royal Enfield Electra named Silverado. The reason for this thread being opened now is because the bike has hit a big milestone. I have clocked a lakh kms in the last 11.5 years . The actual odo reading stands at 99100kms now. There were around few hundred kms put together in the last few years in which the speedo was dead. The Enfield bug bit me in 2001 when a good friend picked up the Enfield Campus. This model was like a predecessor to the Electra 350....
Posted On: Wednesday, 16 Apr, 2014Posted By: Anil Tharian
A trip to lonavala...
Last Saturday Me and my friend decided to go to Lonavala for a short trip. Lonavala is almost 80 KM from Navi Mumbai.We were three members and had two bikes.First Guy had  KTM duke and i was on my Thunderbird 350. The third guy prefer sitting behind Thunderbird 350.We started our journey  from Koperkhairane late in  the morning at 10 o clock.Journey started with low pace .There was a huge traffic rush in city but when we moved away from city,we met with cleared roads .All of a sud...
Posted On: Tuesday, 15 Apr, 2014Posted By: Bibhas Singh
Posted On: Tuesday, 15 Apr, 2014Posted By: Bibhas Singh
My Thunderbird 350
My Thunderbird 350 born on 18 Dec2013 in Bangalore, Karnataka. My first ride was with my wife Jincy to Infant Jesus Church in Bangalore and after that to my home town at Mangalore. Felt really good to have my Bird in my grip. Now, I'm riding around Bangalore city to feel the joy of TB350. Guess what, everybody looking at me with amazement.Thanks to Royal Enfield for giving me a the great riding experience. I'm professionally Electrical and HVAC engineer in &nbs...
Posted On: Sunday, 13 Apr, 2014Posted By: Santhosh Emmanuel
One Ride 4/6/2014
Had a wonderful One Ride with Royal Enfield Bramha Motors. Over 350+ riders. Sometimes it good to ride in a pack. 
Posted On: Tuesday, 08 Apr, 2014Posted By: Abhishek Katare
an awesome trip from CALICUT,KERALA to OOTY,TAMIL NADU via WAYANAD,KERALADAY 1we start from calicut at 3.30pm1st halt before wyanad churam just for refreshmentreached kalpettatook a hotel to stay nightDAY 2start journey at 5.00 am to muthanga forest rangegreat ride through forestwe returned from there and reached gudalurfrom there to ooty
Posted On: Sunday, 06 Apr, 2014Posted By: Jihad Mnalody
i want go a long trip
i go to manli an rotang trip its so beautiful i not know english very well sorry but i want go a long trip  
Posted On: Friday, 04 Apr, 2014Posted By: HANS Baldeep Singh
This was my first time around to the World’s Best … Ladakh...!!
I'm going to be some fun moments from my life in random order from time to time. this ones from last year when my friend & i hired 2 Royal Enfield from Manali and rode to the World's highest motor able road at Khardung La which stands at 18380 feet. Enjoy a lot... !!
Posted On: Monday, 31 Mar, 2014Posted By: Anand Dave