Every trip has a few experiences that have been etched in your memory and can never be forgotten. Stories about with the stranger that you met on the highway, the person that helped you during your trip etc. Share with us, TRIP stories that have made you the person, you now are.

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western ghats...
It was Saturday, morning 5am. I thought of taking my bird for a long ride. I was having many options but I chose a ride from Hassan Karnataka to Subramanya 140 kms...
Posted On: Friday, 12 Feb, 2016Posted By: mayur r vishwakarma
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Posted On: Thursday, 11 Feb, 2016Posted By: National Insurance
Superb milage
My king classic 360 giving me 50kmpl on rides about 750 kms mmmaah
Posted On: Thursday, 11 Feb, 2016Posted By: Senthil Vandaiyar
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Posted On: Thursday, 11 Feb, 2016Posted By: Legal Dianabol Steroids
Gandikota - India's Grand Canyon
Posted On: Thursday, 11 Feb, 2016Posted By: Sudharshan H Gowda
Valparai - a green heaven
Posted On: Thursday, 11 Feb, 2016Posted By: Sudharshan H Gowda
Dhanyakuria Castle on 6th February 2016
As per our plan, we all met at Haldiram-VIP Road by 7:30 am and then we completed our breakfast & tea. By 8:15 am we started our real journey. Dhanyakuria village is in Basirhat area. Road was not so good. It was full of dust. But we managed by our organised way. We (Partha, Navtej, Sayantan, Avik, Aditya and me) enjoyed a lot. There are some images we captured. Thanks for reading me, Som. Whatsapp no# 8017320010
Posted On: Thursday, 11 Feb, 2016Posted By: SOMNATH PATRA
Coimbatore to Tiruvarur
Myself and my brother Ramesh Vandaiyar ride with old 91 model bullet , we crossed over 350 kms within 5.5 hrs. Myself ride with my new classic 350 once a ride about 850 kms superb ,my raja classic 350 given me about 45 kmpl milage.
Posted On: Tuesday, 09 Feb, 2016Posted By: Senthil Vandaiyar
Thunderbird 500 Pathetic ownership experience
I wanted a bike for cruising on highways. The only affordable cruiser with big engine capacity was thunderbird. Harley street 750 was way more expensive so i decided to purchase thunderbird 500cc. The bike looks good but lacks rider experience. The bike has serious issues of vibration in foot pegs and handle bars which destroys cruising experience. This bike doesn't do well what its supposed to do and that is cruising at high speeds smooth and vibe free. If you are looking for good highway Crui...
Posted On: Monday, 08 Feb, 2016Posted By: Rahul Jain
Alloy Wheel Installation
I replaced spoked rims with 30 spoke alloys on Tb500. When i accelerate i experience vibration in handlebar which was not present earlier. Can this issue be resolved?
Posted On: Monday, 08 Feb, 2016Posted By: Rahul Jain