Every trip has a few experiences that have been etched in your memory and can never be forgotten. Stories about with the stranger that you met on the highway, the person that helped you during your trip etc. Share with us, TRIP stories that have made you the person, you now are.

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Paint Shop - Lead Engineer
Please find attached my CV for my profile in details.
Posted On: Sunday, 14 Feb, 2016Posted By: Bharanidharan Natarajan
First Ride
My first long ride from my Nagercoil to Chennai to Bangalore......covered almost 1330 km within 3 days.....had a good time with my Classic 350
Posted On: Sunday, 14 Feb, 2016Posted By: Athinan Sebastin
always keep a plan b
trip to Kaza was cut short by unseasonal rain. Roads turned in to mud channels. Had to return from Kalpa. Alternate route via Sangla to kullu by crossing jalodi pass was equally exciting.
Posted On: Saturday, 13 Feb, 2016Posted By: Shashank Parmar
Chennai - Tiruvanamalai
It was a month after I bought the bike and was quite excited to go one my first trip to tiruvanamalai via Vellore. myself and one of my friend started by around 7 AM in the morning, after a ride of over 65 kms we stopped for having our breakfast near kanchipuram. Since it was mostly within the city for the first 45 kms, I could not feel much of the excitement in driving the bike. Once when we started again from kanchipuram, we started to have the real feel of the bike... we clocked a top speed o...
Posted On: Friday, 12 Feb, 2016Posted By: vamsi krishna T
Does Laminating new classic 350 can help me out from scratches ?
Hi guys, two days back I got my new classic 350 in black color and m realy enjoying the thump but i am also worries about the scratches on the tank.It is only two days old and my tank is of scratches and m not at all loving it.Does laminating the bike with teflon coating can help? without compromising the orignal color and shine ?Please help.
Posted On: Friday, 12 Feb, 2016Posted By: Himanshu Gupta
Continental GT Front Disc Vibration
Hi,After a few thousand kilometers I have started experiencing huge vibration & noise from the Front Dics of my Continental GT. The vibration is because of the rebated disc on the Brembo design.Need a remedy to stop the vibrations on the front Disc.any advice?
Posted On: Friday, 12 Feb, 2016Posted By: Karan K
western ghats...
It was Saturday, morning 5am. I thought of taking my bird for a long ride. I was having many options but I chose a ride from Hassan Karnataka to Subramanya 140 kms...
Posted On: Friday, 12 Feb, 2016Posted By: mayur r vishwakarma
National Insurance
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Posted On: Thursday, 11 Feb, 2016Posted By: National Insurance
Superb milage
My king classic 360 giving me 50kmpl on rides about 750 kms mmmaah
Posted On: Thursday, 11 Feb, 2016Posted By: Senthil Vandaiyar
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Posted On: Thursday, 11 Feb, 2016Posted By: Legal Dianabol Steroids