Every trip has a few experiences that have been etched in your memory and can never be forgotten. Stories about with the stranger that you met on the highway, the person that helped you during your trip etc. Share with us, TRIP stories that have made you the person, you now are.

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Republic Day Ride 26th Jan 2016
Around 300 + biker joined theRepublic day ride held by platinum auto at Fatima nagar in Pune for a City Ride. Bikers were in well discipline manner riding in a file of 2 by 2 .
Posted On: Friday, 05 Feb, 2016Posted By: SHASHANK SHENDE
Water coming out of silencer
Hi friends...i bought my classic 350 few days back and has recently done with the first service too. I am noticing dat wen eva i start my bike dere are tiny droplets of water coming out of my ssilencer. Is this something serious ? Please give ur feedback
Posted On: Friday, 05 Feb, 2016Posted By: Mohit Thakkar
Chandigarh to Delhi
It was a great ride experience and i enjoyed a lot. Me and my love RE Classic 350.
Posted On: Friday, 05 Feb, 2016Posted By: Amar Jeet Singh Thakur
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Posted On: Friday, 05 Feb, 2016Posted By: Henry Tyler
wobbling bullet and tool kit
I got new classic 350 it wobbling in front tyre, it is major issue? Any one give me list for tools which we got in bullet ex. First ad kit.
Posted On: Thursday, 04 Feb, 2016Posted By: Dhruv Gandhi
Complain (For service center Teknik Motors,Sarjapur road)
Hi all,If you wont a good service for your bike,please don't go to Teknik motors Sarjapur Road,every service they are asking for wheel alignment and break shoe   change without any reason.Yesterday I gave my bike to this service center(because my office is near) for normal service(oil change) .My bike was very good before that.after service I paid 3000 Rs,but i found my gear is not shifting properly,some sound is coming .I told then that time but some manager came and told me they can not fixed ...
Posted On: Thursday, 04 Feb, 2016Posted By: sourav chakraborty
Ride to the Mountains...!!!
Posting it late but better late than never...Completed the biking expedition to the land of passes - Ladakh from 4th July 2015 to 6th August 2015 (34 days). Biking all along through the 8 States and 1 union territory, covering 6670 kms. Its a lifetime experience and will be cherished lifelong. 
Posted On: Thursday, 04 Feb, 2016Posted By: Amey Pawar
ride to kakkayam
one day ride to kakkayam dam,its awesome trip.just 160 km
Posted On: Wednesday, 03 Feb, 2016Posted By: SABIH SALAM SABI
Poor mileage
Its been few months since ive bought TB350. My complain is that its giving me very poor mileage of 15-16kmpl.Ive read people getting a 40kmpl.I am quite worried.Ive rode about 600kms, done with first service too.What could be the possible reasons for such poor mileage? Thanks in advance
Posted On: Monday, 01 Feb, 2016Posted By: Suraj Deshmukh
Royal mail Enfield Thunderbird 350 making weird sound.
I bought my royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 on 21st Jan 22016. I have ridden only 360 kms and the engine has started making very weird sound. I have still not gone for first servicing as the bike is brand new and it requires 500 kms for first service. Can anyone please suggest me as what might be the possible reason for this hard and weird sound. Above 60 kmph it becomes impossible to ride this bike because of this harsh and weird sound. Please help!!
Posted On: Monday, 01 Feb, 2016Posted By: Amit Saha