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Urgent Spare Part Requirement
  • Urgent Spare Part Requirement

    created by: Vaibhav10:29 AMSat, January 5, 2013
  • Hi guys,
    Last week i met with an accident where my 'Bull' (Thunderbird 350,2005 Model) got severely injured & now i am looking for parts to replace which i am unable to trace even at service centers. Plz can anyone help.
    Parts Required: 
    1. Front Mudguard
    2. Front Shockabsorber Rods & oil Seals
    3.T joint

    I stay at Dombivali (Thane,Mumbai)

    Plz if anyone can help me procure this stuff reply it here or else u can buzz me at 9892709553.

    Thanks in Advance.